5th Graders Continue Dry Pond Work

This week, 5th graders began marking out the regions of the dry pond for each planting design team, but there were some boundary disputes. Thankfully, Henry Adam's plan for the distribution of team areas passed with a unanimous round of 'Yeas"!. All of this is part of the 5th grade's newest science project to determine, grow and plant the dry pond located to the right of our entrance with native plants. (Dry ponds, also called 'dry extended detention basins', are stormwater control ponds used to capture storm runoff and contain it temporarily.) Our 5th graders have tested the soil for water retention and texture. They have also determined the amount of sunlight different areas receive, and verified the size of the dry pond, then each team will develop a planting design for their area of the dry pond. They recently planted in the dry pond for the first time - 50 liatris corms (perennials also known as blazing stars) so far with more going in after the rains. Excitement continues about this project that teaches, improves a natural area, and helps control stormwater.