5th Scientist's Make Journey North Site, and Other Science Acheivements

Last fall, our 5th graders studied tulips through the Journey North Project, planting bulbs according to the Journey North parameters for their Northern Hemisphere experiment. They dissected and labeled bulbs, each student designed a planting experiment in which they changed only one constant, then they planted their experiment bulbs under the maple tree on the quad!

The tulips they planted last fall are coming up and results being documented. Journey North has now updated their tulip map to include our 5th graders' post (see screenshot photo)! You can find their post (test your map skills to find our pinpoint) at: https://maps.journeynorth.org/map/?map=tulips-bloomed&year=2021. Each 5th grader has also written twice to a "Tulip Pal," a student from another school that is participating in the Journey North tulip study, in a joint English-Geography-Science-Math project! 
5th graders continue to plant seeds for the dry pond project. Some teams worked to plant seeds in pots and trays while another set up seeds for cold, moist stratification. 5th graders are also putting their final touches on, and naming, their 2D average 5th grader. It's been a busy, science-filled spring. Check out the photos of all of these projects!