Tandem Counselor/Alum Wins First Pro-Am Strongwoman Competition

Tandem counselor and alum Monica Johnson (TFS '04) competes in strongwoman events on a national level and recently won her professional level debut event - the Iron Warrior Pro/Am in Huntington, Indiana. Monica came in first place in the heavyweight category - she's on the right in the photo.

Here are some of her impressive event stats - wow!:

- Max Axle press, 215 lbs 
- Car DL for reps in a minute, 18
- Keg Press 175 lbs reps in a minute, 3 in 30 seconds
- 90 lb per hand farmers for 150 with 2 turns, 31 seconds 
- Max stone over bar, 285 lbs (so close to getting 302 over)