Middle School Art on Display in Blue Room

Middle School art teacher Julia Sapir has hung some great Middle School works of art in the Blue Room to showcase recent grade projects, like this painting by 8th grader Sophie Alberts, created as part of the untamed landscapes project. For the untamed landscapes project, students built up their canvases with watercolor, glue, and acrylic paint, then were asked to let go of their control over the outcome of their artwork and follow the lead of the materials. Superimposed on top of each painting is a highly controlled pencil drawing of an object. In such a way, the students examined the intersection of the natural world and the man-made world, control and chaos. 5th graders learned about color theory and one-point linear perspective in the construction of their color wheel cityscapes. The sixth graders have been focusing on pattern and line for their tessellations and overlapping hands pattern studies. Check out the photos of these great projects.