Golden Apple Award Winner for 2022 Announced

Tandem is proud to announce that Middle School Latin teacher Meg Davis has been named our 2022 recipient of a Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching. Meg began teaching at Tandem in 2018 and brings a contagious energy, compassion, humor and excellence to her work teaching Latin to Middle Schoolers. She makes it fun and accessible! "Meg makes the children want to learn by communicating to them—clearly and unequivocally—that she cares. She believes in her students so strongly that they inevitably start believing in themselves. She is very smart, very kind and has a huge heart," read a nomination. Also, "I don’t know how she does what she does so well. My child has grown in ways I don’t think he ever would have if Meg was not his teacher."

Golden Apple Awards are presented each year by sponsor Richard L. Nunley (Better Living Building Supply and Cabinetry) to honor outstanding teachers in our community's schools. The awards are presented to teachers from both public and private schools (VAIS members) in Albemarle County and the city of Charlottesville. One winner is selected from each school, based upon parent and student nominations, which were solicited via form all winter. In addition to receiving a Golden Apple, each recipient also earns a grant of $500, which can be used for classroom materials or to support professional development. Golden Apple Award recipients will be honored in a ceremony (online or possibly in person) on May 19. Congratulations, Meg!