Sophomores Complete Seminar Projects

Tandem sophomores completed the final stage of their Sophomore Seminar academic rite of passage with a Sophomore Seminar Capstone event. The community was invited to come and hear about their research, and each sophomore set up an information station complete with display, then answered questions from anyone in attendance who stopped by to chat. 

Sophomores presented their research projects to their classmates during classes in the late spring weeks. Students spent second semester researching and writing a 15+ page academic paper on a subject of their choosing. After completing their papers, which include detailed footnotes and bibliographies, each presented in person to their classmates; topics/papers are argumentative, so students had to make some sort of defensible argument about their topic. They provided some really interesting insights into their topics and displayed their academic maturity over the course of the semester. Well done, sophomores! Check out a list of their impressive and interesting topics below.
  • Pros and cons of professional sports team ownership
  • Cultural beliefs and media representations of haunted houses
  • The human brain's emotional response to music
  • Effects and dangers of teen social media use 
  • Changes in music theory over time
  • History and developing popularity of skateboarding as a sport
  • How personality types affect the formation of friendships
  • Development of modern psychiatry
  • Environmental and social problems in the rock climbing community
  • Importance of physical therapy and athletic training
  • Football regulations and rules in response to CTE
  • Are serial killers born or made by their environments?
  • Stylistic changes in contemporary stage musicals
  • Scientific and metaphysical function of dreams
  • Bereavement and strategies for dealing with it
  • History and appeal of anime
  • Teen relationship abuse and prevention
  • History of hip-hop
  • Compensation for college athletes
  • Problems with the American criminal justice and prison system
  • Media portrayal and misrepresentation of serial killers
  • Effects of China's "One Child" policy
  • Hacking skill as a cybersecurity measure
  • Portrayal of women in hip-hop
  • Placebo, nocebo, and the power of the human brain
  • Development and effectiveness of historical close-combat weaponry
  • Effects of fashion influencers on teen mental health and body image
  • Antibiotics, overprescription, and dangers of antibiotic resistance
  • Characterization and appeal of heroes and villains in media
  • Scientific ethics in the wake of the Milgram Prison Experiment
  • Efficacy and widespread use of Caesarean section for childbirth
  • Effectiveness and impact of Russian mafia
  • Development and effect of 20th-century war photography
  • Dangers of conspiracy theories
  • Effects of dyslexia on creativity