7th Grade Day of Absence Project Creates Thought-Provoking Material

7th graders in Carolyn Warhaftig's English class had a powerful assignment called Day of Absence. Knowing that African Americans are still largely underrepresented in history books and in the narrative in general, their goal was to change that by imagining what American History and the U.S. would look like without the contributions of African Americans. Using a list of over 50 topic subjects, students chose a person and set out to create a one-pager of information that included background/biographical information, the person's major contributions (why should we know their name?), the impact of their contributions (what would life be like without this person’s contributions?), and a visual depiction of their topic person using images and/or word art. Their amazing and detailed works adorned the Math/Science lobby all spring - see their work in the shared photos.