Teacher Appreciation Week Gratitude 

We can't thank the Parent Community enough for the amazing Teacher Appreciation Week generosity shared with faculty and staff. Breakfast, snacks, full lunches - there was an amazing feast every day to enjoy. One grateful teacher shared the following: "Getting treats each day for a whole week is really surprising and really special.  Not only has it been helpful to have to work less on making breakfasts and lunches, but it has also been nice to have the camaraderie of bumping into coworkers I don't often see as we grab our treats.  If you can just somehow pass along my gratitude to all of the parents who have worked so hard this week, I'd really appreciate it!" Another added: "Yesterday’s lunch was DELICIOUS!! So, exciting to have so many wheat-free choices!!" Many, many thanks to all who donated food, cooked, set up or cleaned up, or made a donation online. Extra big thanks to the dynamic organizing team of Katina Wilberger, Julie Bowersett, Sarah Bedford and Laura Douglas.