Middle School Drama Ends with Cafe 007 Part 3 and Fun Classes

Middle School drama brought its last production of the year to life for the entire Middle School - Cafe 007 Part 3, directed by Middle School drama teacher Edwina Herring. 7th graders have arts in trimesters, so the grade was divided into three groups this year. Each group then wrote their own original skits, added music or dance, and shared their version of Cafe 007, long used as the title for these 7th grade original performances. This part 3 was filled with great performances; one skit even made fun of a classic theatre game they all play. Check out some photos from the show.

Other Middle School drama students had some end-of-year fun creating their own commercials and using a giant TV prop from a previous production of Willy Wonka as a backdrop. Check out some of those photos as well.

For a full photo slideshow of Cafe 007 and some class fun, click here. Congratulations to our Middle Schoolers on a great year of drama productions!