Tandem starts the season off strong

Scottie Chambers
Tandems first game of the season was one to remember, they fought hard in the first set with a dominant lead. The second set ran into issues early in the set but rallied back to tie the game. In the third set Tandem put on an impressive second half and in the fourth and last set tandem put on another dominating show holding their opponent to less than 15 points
Tandem varsity volleyball season opener was a sight to see and you had to be there. The girls started the game off strong with an impressive 10+ point lead during the first set. The Second set, however, was a different story, EMS had made some changes, that made Tandem uncomfortable which at one point was down 6-16. Tandem didn't give up even though the score difference was so big and rallied back to even the score to 21-21. Even though they fought hard to make this comeback, in the end, it was not enough to win the set making the game 1-1.

In the third set, the Badgers struggled to find their groove and seemed to be even with EMS until the later half of the set when the girls started to communicate more and find the empty wholes in the opposing team's defense. Thus ending the third set with Tandem as the victory. 

In the last and final set Tandem ended the game how they started, with an impressive display of big hits, hard serves, and intimidating blocks up at the net. Tandem would soar past EMS to finish out the game and give the badgers their first of many wins of the season.

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