Upper School Experience Days Bring Adventures, Bonding, Sunsets and Campfires

Upper School students enjoyed their Experience Week earlier this month. Our seniors started (and most completed!) the Common Application accepted by most colleges and began working on Senior Project proposals. They attended workshops on communication and physical and mental well-being. For fun, they visited Grand Caverns and took on the Cville Escape Rooms.

Juniors spent three days and two nights at a 4H camp in Jamestown. They visited historic Jamestown, explored the local coastline, took on a low ropes course, enjoyed campfires and even got some time at the beach - not to mention some gorgeous sunsets. Wow!

9th and 10th graders spent their time at a remote 4H camp in Appomattox, They learned about birds, snakes, and forests, canoed, learned archery, played volleyball, went on night and sunset hikes, star gazed, and had a great time together.

Check out some Experience Week photos here. Click here for a folder with more photos from all of the Experience Week activities for Upper Schoolers.