Science Olympiad Results Send Tandem to States!

Alex Siragy, Science Olympiad Faculty Mentor
At long last, the results of the Charlottesville Regional Science Olympiad Tournament are available. The tournament was organized in a hybrid format, which involved a day of in-person lab and engineering events (January 28) and a day of virtually administered tests (February 11). Tandem's two Division C (high school) teams competed against 28 other teams representing 15 other schools. This represented a continued increase in the number of high schools attending the Charlottesville Regional Tournament and the competition was fierce once again. 
To determine whether a school earned a qualifying spot in the state tournament, the best team score earned by the school was compared to the best team score earned by each other school to create a ranked list out of 16. The top 50% of schools (8 schools) qualify for the state competition. 
Tandem teams had an awesome showing and their efforts were rewarded with medals in several events (details below). Their efforts also resulted in Tandem earning 6th place in the ranking of the best team scores for each of the 16 participating schools. In fact, Tandem was only 1 point away from earning a team trophy (5th place rank). Incredible! This means that Tandem has earned an invitation to the state tournament and will be participating in it at UVA on Saturday, March 25. Yay!
Bridge: 6th place medal (Kavi M & Owen S) 
Detector Building: 2nd place medal (Devin M & Mekhi H)
Environmental Chemistry: 5th place medal (Charlie K & Max F)
Forensics: 1st place medal (Emi M & Mattea G)
Green Generation: 2nd place medal (Emi M & Will M)
Trajectory: 2nd place medal (Jacob C & Will M) 

Important, non-medal shout-outs:
Codebusters: 7th place (Emi M & Mekhi H)
Forestry: 7th place (Charlie K & Max F)
Rocks & Minerals: 7th place (Mattea G & Max F)
Scrambler: 7th place (Devin M & Musa S)
Fermi Questions: 9th place (Eli C & Will M)
Bridge: 10th place (Jack N & Max F)
I am very proud of the overall effort and achievement our teams. Our work is not done! We have a lot of to do over this next month to prepare for the state tournament. Lots more fun and excitement ahead!

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