7th Grade Latin Students Create Underworld in Classroom

Before our mid-winter break, 7th graders taking Latin with Meg Davis were asked to "decorate" their classroom to represent different regions of the Underworld, which they have been studying diligently. The results are shared; some of them turned out really cool and all were creative! Here's what got depicted (see pictures):

  • A representation of the ENTRANCE to the Underworld, including a sign dedicated to the god (Pluto) and goddess (Proserpina) of the Underworld who wouldn't have been named specifically. Also a little "gold coin" holder (to the left of the door); the coins were used to secure passage across the River Styx.
  • The "palace" of the Underworld, where Pluto and Proserpina lived.
  • A representation of 5 rivers of the Underworld, including labels and descriptions (Styx, the river by which oaths were sworn, and Phlegethon, the river of fire, for example).
  • A representation of some of the famous punishments in the Underworld, including the fiery wheel of Ixion (who made inappropriate advances to Juno, queen of the gods!) and a branch with an apple to represent Tantalus (who fed his son to the gods and was punished with eternal hunger and thirst).