6th Graders Busy with Interviews and March Mammal Madness Preparations

6th graders in Christina Davis' English class are listening to interviews honoring Black voices on StoryCorps. These stories embody the essence of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This is a precursor activity to students conducting their own interviews with friends and family. Check out some of the StoryCorps interviews they have been listening to here.
Christina's 6th grade scientists are revving up for March Mammal Madness, a fun and educational competition a la the NCAA's March Madness; it's an annual tournament of "simulated" combat competition between animals. The 2023 brackets came out this week so students are researching animals in order to make informed decisions when filling out their brackets! The competition runs for three weeks beginning mid-March. You can use the link above to learn more about the competition, the animals, and even download your own bracket.