Model UN Students Take on Second Competition

Tandem's Upper School Model United Nations group of sixteen students left on Thursday, April 13 for George Washington University in DC for their second Model UN event (the Washington Area Model UN Conference). Teachers Alex Siragy and Melissa Winder are the chaperones. Students participated in their first committee session Thursday night, then have two sessions Friday night, three sessions on Saturday, and one on Sunday. It's a busty schedule - read more about the event here.
Following is the list of TFS students and their committee assignments and the countries/persons they will represent at the event - committees listed with acronyms below are Disarmament & International Security (DISEC), UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), UN High Committee for Refugees (UNHCR), World Health Organization (WHO), and UN Security Council (UNSC). 

  • Musa S - DISEC (Lesotho)
  • Devin M -  DISEC (Lesotho)
  • Max F - DISEC (Monaco)  
  • Theo A - DISEC (Monaco)
  • Bailey W - UNEP (Netherlands)
  • Eleanor S - UNEP (Morocco)
  • Zoe J - UNHCR (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Larissa F - WHO (Belgium)
  • Julian P - UNSC (People's Republic of China)
  • Emi M - G20 (India)
  • Charlie K - Gulf Coop Council (Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber)
  • Jack N - 1959 Antarctic Treaty (Czechoslovakia)
  • Eli L - South Korea Reconstruction (Park Okkyu)
  • Sawyer R - NFL/AFL Merger (James T Aubrey)
  • Emory G - Peace of Westphalia (John George I)
  • Sam T - Franco-Prussian War (Patrice de MacMahon)
We wish all of our Model UN delegates the best of luck in their event.