Second Model UN Event Successful and Enjoyable

Tandem's Model UN students (16 of them) spent last weekend in Washington, DC at the George Washington University hosted Washington Area Model UN Conference. With teachers Alex Siragy and Melissa Winder mentoring, Tandem's participants successfully endured a busy schedule of committee sessions on a very spread out campus. They had a little free time on Friday and were able to visit the Museum of Natural History. Students did great jobs with their presentations and committee work. Jack Nachbar, representing Czechoslovakia in the 1959 Antarctic Treaty committee and participating in his first Model UN conference, won a Verbal Commendation for his performance in that committee. These awards recognize a delegate for great work and skills in debate and it typically means that they were within the top ten delegates in a given committee (many committees had over 50 members). One accomplishment Jack achieved was that he was able to negotiate for territorial rights for a territory three times the size of his country. Well done, Tandem Model UN ambassadors on your final event of the year!