Alia Stewart-Silver (TFS '06) at Speaker's Series

Tandem alum Alia Stewart-Silver (TFS '06) joined us for Speaker Series and spoke in depth about connections. She stressed that by being genuinely open and attempting to make connections with other people, we can bring about true positive change in the world.
Alia studied Gender and Women's Studies and Politics as an undergrad, then earned her Master of Social Work (MSW) at UC Berkeley, where she focused on how communities can support health and healing practices. She worked as a therapist for a nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay Area that supports youth and families who have experienced trauma, neglect, and systemic injustice. She has been actively involved in justice work in her job and in the larger community by co-creating study and action learning circles to support people who identify as white to take courageous steps toward looking at their own beliefs and privileges in order to learn new ways of being. She recently moved back to the Charlottesville area.