Children's Author Marc Boston Shares Storytelling Secrets

Tandem parent Marc Boston, a published children's author, gave a wonderful presentation to Middle Schoolers during today's Speaker Series. Marc is the author of The Girl who Carried Too Much Stuff and What About Me? Marc talked about the steps to writing and publishing a book, and how important it is to make any children's book relatable to all genders/ages/races. He spoke about his influences - family, the writer's group ImagineInk, James Baldwin, Bob Marley, Prince - and talked about how music, especially hip hop, influences the cadence and rhythm of his writing. He also talked about the writing processes of mirroring and windowing, and how important it is for human growth that we learn to celebrate all cultures. He read one of his books to the Middle Schoolers - it was a delightful presentation from start to finish. Thanks, Marc!