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Tandem Friends School is where curious students become engaged, inspired, purposeful people.

A co-ed Quaker day school, Tandem Friends gives students in grades 5-12 the freedom - and the responsibility - to collaborate in their education; contribute to their community; explore their imaginations; and lead life with kindness, wisdom, creativity and integrity.

Tomorrow's Leaders Grow in Tandem

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  • Tomorrow’s Leaders Grow in Tandem

    Interested in learning more about Tandem Friends School or Friends education? Contact Admissions Director Mary Lyman Bias at or 434-951-9314 and check out the many helpful resources on this website's admissions page. 

    Tandem Friends School is where curious, creative students become engaged, inspired, purposeful people. Ready to join them - and to change the world? 
  • Second Model UN a Success

    Tandem's Model UN students (this time 10 attended) spent last weekend in Washington, DC at the George Washington University hosted Washington Area Model UN Conference. With teachers Alex Siragy and Melissa Winder mentoring, Tandem's participants successfully navigated a busy few days and lots of meetings and events. Students did great jobs with their presentations and committee work. Junior Eli L earned a verbal commendation representing Argentina in SPECPOL (Special Political and Decolonization Committee). They discussed the topic of policing the international prison industrial system as well as the topic of drugs and rehabilitative justice. Well done, Tandem Model UN ambassadors on your second event of the year!
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    The first flowers evolved before bees – so how did they become so dazzling? by Adrian Dyer, Alan Dorin, Jair Garcia, Mani Shrestha, The Conversation
    The Last Repair Shop, 2024 Oscar-winning Documentary Short 
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